Smart Bidet Toilet Elongated One Piece Advance Bidet Deluxe Design Automatic Flushing Heated Seat with Integrated Multi Function Soft Closing Seat Remote Control LCD Screen

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Product Features

?AUTOMATIC FLUSH?: Nozzle Oscillation: At the push of a button, the nozzle will move gently back and forth. You?ll get the most thorough clean possible, with minimal effort! The seat will activate the self-cleaning bidet/spray wand and follow by a powerful flush on your departure for hands-free operation. Adjustable water pressure, hygienic filtered water. Water pressure, water temperature, dryer temperature, and heated seat, multiple gears can be adjusted. ?INSTANT WARMING COMFORT?: Special designed, contoured heated seat and powerful warm air dryer keep you warm and cozy early in the morning or throughout the winter seasons. Unlimited Warm Water Our Hybrid Heating System allows the water to be instantly and continuously warm at your desired temperature. ?INTELLIGENT NIGHT LIGHT?: The glow of LCD night light is perfect for kids, seniors or anyone who needs to use bathroom in the middle of the night. Say goodbye to stubbed toes and painfully bright lights during your midnight trip to the toliet. A cool blue nightlight illuminates your toilet bowl, lighting your way to the toilet. ?AUTO CLOSE & OPEN?: The lid automatically opens hands-free to welcome you. Auto open and close lid and seat functionality adds convenience and sanitation to enhance the overall experience. Smart toilet features begin as you approach the toilet. ?EXTENSIVE FEATURES?: Elongated front bidet toilet seat .The deodorizer effectively cleans the air around the toilet using powerful air filters. Posterior wash, feminine wash, heated water and seat, unlimited warm water, oscillating wash, warm air dryer, adjustable water pressure, built-in water filter, automatic LCD nightlight, Self-cleaning nozzle, safety on/off skin sensor, soft-closing lid and seat, power saving, quick-release seat for easy cleaning.